Monday, June 30, 2014

Anchor Charts: Narrative Elements

Between your trips to the beach or the movies, I'm sure you're spending parts your summer vacation thinking about going back to school in the Fall. During Reader's Workshop at the start of the year my friends learn about stamina, choosing Just Right Books, and we spend lots and lots of time in narratives. We learn about narrative elements and getting to know our characters. These anchor charts may help you in planning where to start in August or September with your readers.

Times, they are a'changin

Well friends, it is past due for a little updating. Not only does the blog have a new look thanks to Blogaholics Designs, but it has been FOREVER since a true blog post (my apologies!!). Life has been super busy down in the Sunshine State as I've recently moved to a new city which means also finding a new school to call home. I'm happy to announce I'll be joining the ranks as a fourth grade teacher after spending several years with my fifth grade friends.

With the move of course comes packing up the classroom. While packing up, I snapped pictures of all of my anchor charts. I figured I'd save my sanity by recreating my favorites and tweak them for my new fourth grade friends.

I'll be sharing a few of my favorites by content area or skill. Feel free to use and tweak to fit your needs!