Saturday, April 7, 2012


I don't know about you, but I am LOVING this long weekend. It started off kinda rocky for me--thought I had the flu on Thursday and spent the day sick on the couch. Turns out to be a bad sinus infection (yuck!) and not the flu (yay)! Now that I'm back among the living, I'm putting off chores to catch up with you all!

This is my first "currently" link up! I'm starting to feel like a "real" blogger, ha! Now if only I could be better about posting more often...

A few things on my mind today:

  • There's only 4 school days until my kiddos prove to the state they're ready for 6th grade.
  • Our Title One director is giving each teacher at my school a new iPad next month- are you serious?! This has got to be a late April Fool's joke. 
  • Starting book clubs with my kiddos is proving to be an adventure! I think they can handle it, but can I?! Any suggestions?
  • I really need to figure out that darn lawn mower; the yard is starting to look like a jungle!!

I hope you all are getting to relax and spend time with your friends and families this weekend. Enjoy your time off! Now go link up your own Currently with Oh Boy, 4th Grade!


  1. Hi Lindsay!

    Wow, that is wonderful that all the teachers are going to be getting iPads!! I have two old iPod touches that I brought into my classroom and my students love them, and I would love to eventually have an iPad to add to our class collection! Are you guys receiving training or are they for something specific or do you just get to use them how you choose? I am a new follower!

    Lessons with Laughter

  2. Hi Molly! Our district applied for a grant for teachers to receive iPads to use in the classroom. I'm looking forward to trying out some apps with the kiddos! I'm still learning and hoping to find some inventive ways to use my iPad in the classroom.